About Us

We Do Brunch the Way it
Was Meant to be Done

Food isn’t just our business, it’s our life. Born with a generational love of food, I grew up bussing tables and hanging around the kitchen of my grandmother’s soul food restaurant. And you don’t spend your childhood working in an authentic soul food hot spot without learning a thing or two. Today, my recipes are a product of the downhome cooking I was raised with, made from scratch with wholesome, real ingredients. 

My partner in life and business is no stranger to the kitchen, either. I rely on her taste and honesty to create the recipes you see on our classic brunch menu. If she doesn’t like a recipe, it’s back to the chalkboard until I find something that’s taste tester-approved and restaurant-ready. Nothing goes in this place that doesn’t get her seal of approval!

Eggs and Avocado Toast at Brunch & Sip

Skip the messy kitchen and bacon grease burns. Meet us at Brunch & Sip.

The Brunch & Sip Owners

As brunch lovers ourselves, we started to notice that restaurants seemed to be in competition with one another to figure out who could make the strangest variation of breakfast foods. Missing from these menus were the foods we and our family actually wanted to eat.

So, together we set out to build a better brunch spot. One with a menu stacked with unfussy favorites made with fresh ingredients and a whole lot of heart. We pride ourselves on cooking up soulful sweet and savory classics that taste homemade, but better.


Each of our menu items is made with the utmost attention to detail, from our signature biscuits and gravy to our fruit-infused butters to our spicy Bloody Marys. Our comfort classics are made for lazy Sundays, celebrations, family get-togethers, and the morning after a long night out. We promise not to judge.

My new favorite brunch spot! Great food, friendly service, and a cozy vibe. Plus I love that they serve brunch during the week.